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Your privacy is important to us. Any information that you give us will not be turned over or divulged to third party entities nor will it be used for commercial purposes without your express consent.

Returns Policy
MyITA is fully committed to customer satisfaction. However, most equipment ordered through MyITA is custom built equipment and requires payment in advance before ordered. Therefore MyITA may not be able to cancel orders or return products. In some cases, products may be able to be returned with a substantial restocking fee and shipping fee. Each client should be aware of the return policy before placing an order with IT Associates, Inc. dba MyITA.

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Your Protection
The data that you send to our site are stored and backed up on a secure server that is always updated in security issues. Its limited access helps prevent unsolicited parties from tampering with them. Furthermore, our load balanced server makes it possible for us to serve you at all times without the hassle of technical problems that might erupt in the future.